Shrigiridhari Physiotherapy Center

"Back Neck and Joints"

India's Only Certified Mckenzie Clinic

Dr. Asha Menon (P.T.), Dip. MDT

Diplomated McKenzie Clinician

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As the facility provider

Accredited From The McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand 

A Non-surgical superspecialisation center for Back, Neck and Joint pain.

What is a Certified McKenzie Clinic.

A clinic can be Certified as "McKenzie Clinic" only by  'The McKenzie Institute International'.


Only a clinic which has a Physiotherapist with Diploma MDT can be awarded this certification. 


As per the rules of the 'The McKenzie Institute International'.

'Active physiotherapy utilizing the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy must be administered at the Certified McKenzie Clinic. At least one of the therapists in the Certified McKenzie Clinic must hold the qualification of Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. That therapist must spend a minimum of 50% of their clinical practicing hours at that clinic. Accordingly, there can be no more than two clinics registered to any one Diplomaed MDT therapist. The clinic must have an educational policy and confirm in writing to the CEO that therapists employed within the clinic will be trained in the McKenzie Method, attending as a minimum Parts A to C of the Institute's Education Programme and, where possible, continuing through to the Credentialing or Diploma level'.


That is, in a Certified McKenzie Clinic, the Diplomate must assess the patients using the Mckenzie Concept (MDT) and practice in the clinic at least 50% of the clinical hours. The other physiotherapists must also be trained in MDT.


The clinic has to maintain the international quality maintained by the network of Certified Clinics world wide in the network of 28 countries. 


Who is a Credentialled Mckenzie Therapist.


A Credentialled McKenzie Therapist has completed all the MDT courses in Spine and Extremities and attained a pass in the credentialling examination. The  Credentialled McKenzie Therapist although has attained a certification, cannot call their clinic "Certified McKenzie Clinic", but can add Cert. MDT to their professional qualification. They can also publicise in their clinical practice that they are McKenzie therapist. 


However, those who are in the process of completing their MDT education, cannot publicise themselves as 'McKenzie Therapist'. So if your therapist is McKenzie trained, they should be on the reference list.