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India's Only Certified McKenzie Clinic

Dr. Asha Menon (P.T.), Dip. MDT

Diplomated McKenzie Clinician

As the facility provider

Accredited From The McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand 

A Non-surgical superspecialisation center for Back, Neck and Joint pain.

Would you like to control your pain, or the pain to control you ?

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Back and Neck pain with pain into legs or arms is the second largest recurrent disorder. These recurrences can affect the quality of our life. Research has shown that many of these symptoms are rapidly reversible by using simple exercises which have a direction preference to reduce your symptoms, which is professionally guided by a Mckenzie  trained therapist using postures and positions and SELF-TREATMENT principles. This method is well known as the McKenzie Method® or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).

Unlike traditional physiotherapy techniques using electrical modalities, the McKenzie Method® is focused on empowering you to treat yourself with individually prescribed postures and exercises which would bring down you recurrence rate. The focus is also on reducing bed rest and bringing down the health care cost, as you don’t need continuous number of sittings with us and we teach you to self manage if there is a recurrence. 

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*** At a Certified McKenzie clinic, you do not need to come to us for repeated sessions to strength training to prevent recurrences as there is no evidence in research that strength training can prevent recurrence of back pain with or without sciatica or neck pain with or without brachialgia. We would not need any HiTech machines to diagnose your problem and help you manage your pain.   Click Here ...

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Can your Joint pain be referred from the Spine ?
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Many patients who have not been helped by other conservative treatments respond to McKenzie management, often within the first appointment.

We do not want to make tall claims. Research evidences that only 1-2% of patients need surgery. Even if you fit in this 1-2%, we will make appropriate references for you and partner you along the way to reach normal functions.

And if you do fit the 98% we will once again partner you in your attempts to prevent recurrences.            -------- And as research says, no strength programme will prevent recurrences.

‘Back, Neck and Joint’s’ is a premier physiotherapy center located in Mumbai. Our goal is to provide a healing environment and practice physiotherapy at the highest possible level. We consider it both an honour and privilege to assist dedicated physicians and surgeons in the treatment of their patients physiotherapy needs. Our center's orthopaedic needs are based on the Mckenzie's Mechanical Diagnoses and Treatment

 Our Mission and Objective.  Click Here.

What is a Certified McKenzie Clinic.

Is there a difference between :Credentialled McKenzie Therapist and "Certified McKenzie Clinic". Click here.

From the moment you cross the threshold of Back, Neck and Joints, you know that you have entered a special place. It is a place where health and healing are paramount and where our therapists work fervently to get to the core of your condition and rehabilitation needs.

Our therapists earn incentives for the least number of sessions taken by our patients.
           We aim to be an organization of choice for our patients and staff.

Testimonials: What do our patients say?  Click Here                                                                                 Dr. Vasundhara M. Natekar, Family Physician, I had to undergo  an operation on spine in 1989, nerve-blocks after 8 years, and 6 yrs of osteopathy treatment.  Then I consulted Dr. Asha Menon,  expert in McKenzie treatment  in NOV 2011.You do not require to come very often for treatment. Few visits are enough to make you free from pain. McKenzie has changed my lifefrom dependent to self dependent. It has increased my confidence level . Now I am enjoying my day today life.                                                                                                                                                                  

Mrs Poonam Singh, House wife, 8 years back, McKenzie treatment helped me overcome cervical neck pain radiating to both the arm. I have learned to manage getting rid of my pain with some simple exercises and I did not need any other doctor’s help in this last 8 years. 

Mrs. Dolly GoyalAfter 5 ½ months of being bed ridden, I cam to know about McKenzie Therapy and Dr. Asha Menon for treatment. I was not able to even stand for more than 30 seconds. I was suffering from  severe left leg pain with pins and needles, with scoliosis which shifted both way, left and right. Within 4 sittings I was 100% relieved, and started going back to my work, and attended my daily work as a wife and mother of a young daughter.

Mr. Nitin Chandra. inflight crew - I now believe in the McKenzie form of physiotherapy, & feel that this is a far superior & advanced form. I would also recommend all those advised for surgery to first try this out before going under the knife. In fact, I have already recommended your name to a few of my friends & colleagues.

Krishnadutt Sharma age 85, - Severe back and leg pain. Inability to stand and walk or do any activities of daily living without help. He was brought to her on a wheel chair. After being seen using the McKenzie techniques, he was able to walk within a week by the time we went for the second session (Second session was a week later). For his age, exercises were mild, yet it worked very well. It took only 4 sitting for my grandfather  to walk without even his walking stick.

Sanobar Munshi, work type, sedentary 9 hours of sitting.

All I have learned is McKenzie is one of the best ways of curing yourself, by your own self, and give time, allow it to heal and continue with your daily routine.



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