Shrigiridhari Physiotherapy Center

"Back Neck and Joints"

India's Only Certified McKenzie Clinic

Dr. Asha Menon (P.T.), Dip. MDT

Diplomated McKenzie Clinician

As the facility provider

Accredited From The McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand 

A Non-surgical superspecialisation center for Back, Neck and Joint pain.

Evidences Universally Agree on:

Clinical researchers are largely agreed on the value of exercise in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems.

They are also discovering that to be effective, exercise needs to be highly individualized to both the particular patient and their condition. When this is done, movement becomes a very powerful tool in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems.

What this essentially means is that exercises just can’t be ticked on a piece of paper for your patient.

Conservative Physiotherapy:

Passive modalities such as heat, TENS, and ultrasound have not been found effective in treating or preventing musculoskeletal problems (van der Windt 1999, Nordin and Campello 1999).

Passive care promotes patient dependency  and does not reduce the recurrence rate of spinal pain.  (Waddell 1987; Croft 1997).

Back schools, lumbar supports and ergonomic interventions have limited support in systematic reviews (Bigos et al 2009)

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy:

The most basic, faulty assumption made about the McKenzie Method is equating it with only extension exercises – it is so much more.......

The McKenzie Method is in its truest sense, an assessment process that identifies responders and non-responders in all populations.

In cases when a patient does not respond mechanically, alternative means of treatment or referral for further medical evaluation is warranted.